Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A wagon well travelled

This old drawing of a kid pulling a wagon is, in part, what lead to my first picture book Nikolai The Only Bear - and my latest picture book Red Wagon.

A few years ago I sent a colored version of this drawing along with a bunch of others like it, to publishers of books I liked. Semadar Megged and Patti Gauch (who are both wonderful I might add) of Philomel Books contacted me and said they loved this drawing (and the others too!) They asked if I would like to do Nikolai - which of course I did.

A few years after that another (wonderful) editor at Philomel, Courtenay Lewis Palmer, asked if I had any stories I would like to illustrate. She actually remembered the drawing of the wagon and wondered if there was a story behind it!
I didn’t have one then, but I soon would!

RED WAGON is an Amazon Best Books of the Month for February 2011


RC Reese said...

your drawings are amazing and soft...it looks like you are using pencil but don't seem to have smudge issues like I do. Even in your sketchbook, nice and clean. Would you mind telling me your secret! My sketchbook is a mess!

Renata said...

I don't think I really have a secret. I usually try to keep my hand from resting on the drawing and I use mechanical pencils(0.5,0.35) with harder pencil leads HB, H, 2H. Oh and I use a kneaded eraser - no crumbs.