Thursday, February 17, 2011

At last, Red Wagon arrived at the market!

Whew! Today is the official release day of Red Wagon in the USA (Feb 22 in Canada).

I am most comfortable drawing small scenes with just a few characters, so one of the challenges of Red Wagon was that all the pages are double page spreads with lots of critters and such. As the last few posts may have suggested, I solved this by often drawing the pages in pieces, sometimes in different sketchbooks and putting them together in photoshop later. This gives me lots of flexibility to change the composition and characters. I needed that for this picture as I had to make more than one attempt at it to get it right. Thankfully I had a great art director, Cecilia Yung, who helped me bring this picture to life.


Mundo Mundaca said...

Your book is a trunk of treasures and the characters small jewels.. I love.. I wait that it arrives in Brazil also!

Will Strong said...

It's so soft and timeless. I must have it.

The Art of Michelle said...

Congratulations! I work in a small toy and book shop (as well as being an artist) and was thrilled to receive your new book just a few days after the release! It is absolutely beautiful (and looks fabulous on our shelf)!

Renata said...

Thank you all!

I was just visiting some lovely toy shops this week, I love toy shops even if I am suppose too big for them.