Monday, April 21, 2014

SCBWI Conference Yellow Stickies Recap

Renata had a fun and educational time at the SCBWI West Washington's Writing and Illustrating for Children Conference. It was her first large scale conference and she was excited and a bit nervous to meet all the attendees and fellow faculty. It started off with a master class where we introduced Renata's method of making picture books with a focus on her creative process - which involved lots of yellow sticky notes. We also had some fun with silhouettes with a game we call Swapadoodle. After that I interviewed Renata for her keynote in casual talk format, we discussed her thoughts on where ideas come from. Finally we ended with a sketchbook breakout session where attendees had a chance to look at her sketchbooks in person.

Thanks to all the organizers and attendees and good luck with your own picture book endeavors!