Friday, March 30, 2012

Under the Hood

Yesterday I stopped by a nice independent bookshop here in Calgary called Pages Books on Kensington, it often carries unique and quirky books. I found a quirky kids book I really liked called Under the Hood by Christophe Merlin. It is a pop-up book about Mr. Bear the mechanic finding unexpected things. It reminds me not to be too serious and just have fun!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Illustration Roundtable

A week ago or so ago I was pleased to be included in a talk about kids books. It is great to hear the different ways illustrators approach children's books. Michael did an animation to introduce the presentation.


With my presentation I wanted to say that I try to show the emotions behind a picture, what the characters feel as well as what they are doing.

The other illustrators were Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli, her first book Bye, Bye, Butterflies! is coming out in June and it looks very cute!

Dave Whamond has a new book coming out in October with an intriguing title, Oddrey.

and Carolyn Fisher talked about her books including the most recent Goodnight World. Carolyn does many presentations for kids and it's a lot of fun to hear her talk about making books. This is a thumbnail  sketch from her blog.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Illustrators 54: Advertising and Institutional

This image will be part of an illustration show opening tonight at the Society of Illustrators. I posted the pencil drawing for this image previously. The exhibit is on until March 17th.