Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Almost there ...

One more day until the official release of RED WAGON!

RED WAGON is today's ALA Booklist's Book of the day for Wednesday Feb 16, where it has received it's second starred review!

Starred Review from Booklist:

The creator of The Quiet Book (2010), a New York Times best-seller, offers a winning story of imaginative play that makes a worthy partner to Crockett Johnson’s Harold and the Purple Crayon (1955) and Antoinette Portis’ Not a Box (2007). Lucy, a fuzzy red fox, can’t wait to play with her new red wagon, but she doesn’t like her mother’s suggestion that she use it to go to the market: “That sounded like a chore. Lucy didn’t want to do chores.” Still, shopping list in paw, Lucy sets out, followed by a small menagerie of adorable animal pals. This title owes its delight to the well-balanced, deadpan disparity between the spare, straightforward text and the increasingly wild scenarios depicted in the digitally colored pencil illustrations. According to the words, the animals climb a hill, weather some rain, load up at the market, regroup after hitting a rock, and return home. The pictures, however, show a different story: along the way, the red wagon transforms from pirate ship to covered wagon to circus caravan to train to rocket ship to truck in detailed scenes children will want to revisit. Preschoolers will recognize the reality-blurring borders of their own made-up worlds; children on the cusp of independent reading will enjoy following the simple, bold-type sentences; and both audiences will hope for future adventures from Lucy and her friends.

— Gillian Engberg


Anna said...

I see polish word "LODY" - how cute!

Renata said...

I thought that it would be fun to have the polish word for 'ice cream', something from my childhood that I liked!