Sunday, October 30, 2016

Waiting For Snow Blog Tour

Marsha Diane Arnold (The author of Waiting For Snow!) is doing a blog tour for their book starting tomorrow.

 Here are the locations:

Oct 31, Monday - Cynthia Alaniz, Librarian in Cute Shoes

Nov 1, Tuesday - Alyson Beecher, Kid Lit Frenzy

Nov 2, Wednesday - Dylan Teut, Reading with Mr. Tuet

Nov 3, Thursday - Mia Wengen, Pragmatic Mom

Nov 4, Friday - Margie Myers-Culver, Librarian's Quest

Nov 6, Sunday - Matthew Winner, The Best Book Ever (This Week)

Nov 7, Monday - Niki Ohs Barnes, Daydream Reader

Nov 8, Tuesday - Bridget and the Books