Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Under New Management & Under Construction

As you may have noticed, Renata hasn't posted much lately. There is a good reason, she's been super busy this summer finishing up a book which is due next week! 

There's also good reason to believe that this will continue - she has a whole lot more books to do. But she also has lots of interesting things to blog about, including Once Upon a Memory written by Nina Laden which is coming this December.  

So the executive committee (Renata and myself) have given me the opportunity to fill the role as official blogger about all things Renata. It should be fun, as Renata's #1 fan I am excited to share the inside scoop - and Renata will stop by from time to time too. (note: the site may be a bit funky as I give it a tune up)


M. said...

I can't wait to see Renata's new book(s)!!!

wronghand said...

We can't wait for everyone to see them too, kid's books can be a lengthy process, about a year for Renata to illustrate and a year for the publisher to get it to market. And Renata likes to do one book at a time!

Rob Dunlavey said...

That sounds about right. Looking forward to her new book!