Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Looking for Higher Ground

Now that the flood waters have receded and the power has been restored, we are finally back at our studio today (we were happy to see that the studio remained dry!).

We have been working at home for the week the power was down. In the ten years or so that we have been living at our house, we have maybe seen two or three spiders. But in the days before the flood came, we had quite a few spider sighting at our house. Now, after the flood is over, there are again no spiders to be found.

Did they know something we didn't, and were they looking for higher ground? They are most definitely closer to the Earth than we are.


barbarabeesblog said...

Good to hear that everything keptvdry and interesting spder story! They definitely knew, like zhe cats in Agadir Morocco who warned and miawed before an earthquake and safed this way their lifes.
Have a nice studuibday.

Veronica Kosowski said...

Aw, how cute! This would make such a fun picture book, those spiders are very unique.

Tammie Lee said...

this is so interesting about the spiders! such a wonderful sketch inspired by them~

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