Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We had a lovely time stopping by the shop of independent book/comicbook publisher Nobrow while in London. They gave us a tour of the studio and we had fun chatting about their fabulous books.

I can see why they were excited about this new book, Hilda and The Midnight Giant by Luke Pearson. I've read half so far and it's very enjoyable, it's imaginative and fun for kids and adults too I would say.

They also carry books from other publishers. I can't read À quoi penses-tu ? but I love looking at the pictures. Each spread has a picture flap with an image of a character on the outside. You turn over the flap to see what is on the inside - brilliant! By Laurent Moreau

Nobrow are really great to order from, the orders come quickly and they take the same care in the packaging of their books as they do in creating them. This fellow below had to come home to us,
 of course.

Thanks to Alex and Sam!

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