Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Book Updates

LITTLE PANDA has just been re-released as a paperback edition from Sandpiper. Yeah!

THE QUIET BOOK has been published in Brazil and Finland. 
If you can read Finnish HERE is a review, I google translated it and I think it was a good review!

THE LOUD BOOK! has been released in Korea, Japan, and Brazil.

Red Wagon appeared on the cover of Canadian Children's Book News, 
I thought it looks pretty neat cropped like this.

And finally, I will be sharing some great news on upcoming books very soon,

I can't wait!


kartoszki said...

uwielbiam Pani ilustracje

anitamm said...

gratulacje wielkie)))
zdolnaś nieprzyzwoicie!
ten ostatni rysunek fajowy, wyrazisty(czy jemu chce się siusiu?DDD)

Ben Clanton said...

Hooray indeed! Congrats! All the foreign editions look great.

Can't wait to hear more about upcoming books. :)

AniaMania said...

We are waiting for release in Poland! :)

mikandesu said...
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mikandesu said...

hey! I got your 2books 'the quiet book' and ' the noisy book' just after visited your blog here! haha I'll email you about that =) I was very excited waiting for the books after order and now I read that around my bed before I go sleep like a kid ^^
oh wait. I'm in Korea!

Renata said...

Thank you!