Monday, August 1, 2016

RANDM Press Release

OFFICIAL! We are pleased to announce that RANDM collective is starting on the ground floor (literally and figuratively) of an exciting, and brand new creative hub in Calgary – cSPACE King Edward. Our vision is a true artist collective, a place where creative individuals with an interest in art, craft, design, illustration, etc can come together to collaborate, share, inspire, and make stuff.

As you can see in the pictures above the building is currently under construction as is our plans. The basic concept is to create a space that is a blank canvas. A versatile studio environment that can be utilized for a variety of creative activities such as workshops, a gallery exhibition space, or to make art and design. 

In coming up with a working model for RANDM collective we've compared it to a yoga studio or a fitness club. Except we're stretching the imagination and exercising creativity!

What's next? We want to start programming and scheduling right now! We're estimating we will be ready to roll in early 2017. But we want to start talking to folks right away about ideas for workshops, collaborative projects, and shows. So if you have some ideas, talk to us soon so we can book you in and start things rolling.

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