Thursday, March 6, 2014

Interview with Renata

See and hear Renata talk about her illustration for Goodnight Songs. I am pretty happy about this interview, Renata did an excellent job!


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Carol Taylor said...

Renata, I really love your drawings in your "idea" books. I wonder if you also execute the colored, for publication illustrations. I would like to think one could do sketchy with loose wash color to keep the fresh energy of the sketch because I have several excellent children's book ideas and they are somewhat begun by brainstormed thumbnail drawings. I have a condition which prevents me from finishing painting or projects like this idea for children's books. It's a weird personalized attention deficit disorder which I have always had. I managed an MFA and three University teaching jobs and a career "not" as a painter by finding paths that allowed for my particular needs and I also was very creative in my doing "end runs" around this limit. I just accepted my this fact many years before the concept of ADD came to be. I need a particular set of highly stimulating conditions like interest from clients or a good monetary reward in order to do the work/stay on task. Such is life. Hi ho, Ron Taylor