Monday, October 21, 2013

Once Upon a Sketchbook #1

As we near the December release of Once Upon a Memory written by Nina Laden, I thought I would gift a little peak of one of the drawings from the book (I will post more drawings as we near the release date). Renata has received a couple of gifts herself in the last few weeks. Her editor sent her the printed book which was pretty exciting. The other gift was a starred review from Kirkus for Once Upon a Memory! Connie included a Pantone card which was a bit of fun, Renata had wanted to be very careful with the colors so she got the Pantone swatch guide and specified the background colors - although I think they used white in the end.

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Shirley said...

OH this looks absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to get my very own copy. So fun to hear about Renata acquiring the PMS books..they are wonderful to have!