Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tigers and Lions

A little perk of having an agent, besides them handling the contracts (whew!), I can get books of other artists and authors at Pippin. Pippin Properties is the agency I am with and they call the artists and authors that work with them Pips. Here are a couple very enjoyable ones.

It's A Tiger has just been released.  Written by David LaRochelle and illustrated by fellow Pip - Jeremy Tankard, It's about a Tiger (obviously) that keeps popping in on a little boy. I can imagine a lot of giggles and roars when this book is read.

You Are a LION! And Other Fun Yoga Poses was released last March. Written and Illustrated by another Pip - Taeeun Yoo, It's about doing yoga poses (obviously) and shows kids how to do them and features lovely drawing like the cover that bring alive the imagination. Also makes me want to do yoga.

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