Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snowy Owl

More snow arrived just in time for me to put up my little christmas tree.

Each year I get one new ornament, and this year it is a lovely snowy owl.

It reminds my of a print by John James Audubon, one of my favorite artists and a big influence. 
I would love to see one of these big books in person one day!


Kays Kids said...

Your little owl is lovely and the picture of the snow is amazing. We don't have snow at Christmas time in Australia, and where I live we don't have snow at all.
Hugs Kay

Line Katrin said...

I like your new friend, little owl:) I also like soo much the pictures behind the Christmas tree. Are you the painter behind the pictures?

AniaMania said...

I love pictures behind the tree - are they Yours?

Renata said...

Hi Kay, Yes he/she is a pretty sweet owl. Fresh snow is definitely nice, but warm sun would be equally nice!

Hi Line Katrin and Ania, yes the paintings are from a few years back when I painted. They are oil on canvas, I am glad you like them, thanks!