Friday, September 2, 2011

Library of the Early Mind

I am so looking forward to seeing this documentary about children's literature.

Trailer: 'Library of the Early Mind' from Backspace Productions on Vimeo.

And the poster is lovely.

“Library of the Early Mind” is an exploration of the art and impact of children’s literature on our kids, our culture, and ourselves.
From the first stories we hear told to us to those childhood heroes that stay with us a lifetime, the impact on our culture runs deeper than what we might expect. “No one suspects the children’s writer,” says author and illustrator Mo Willems, a former 'Sesame Street' writer.
The film features nearly 40 prominent authors and illustrators talking about their work, its genesis and its impact. The number of books in print by the authors in 'Library of the Early Mind' exceeds 240 million.


Michelle Schneider said...

Whoa! I definately need to see this documentary. Will you let us know when it's available?

This Book Is Happening said...
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