Monday, March 21, 2011

Exclusive Preview of The Loud Book on Amazon

Amazon has posted a bunch of photos of my creative process
for The Loud Book.
The Loud Book is the first project that I used a Wacom Cintiq to color my work,
it is much, much faster!

They can be seen HERE


C├ęsar Samaniego said...

Your art is amazing...

Do you think that Cintiq is better than an Intuos or another wacom tablet?

Congrats for your new book!!!

Marloes de Vries said...

It looks amazing! It's great to see the process!

See Wendy Craft. said...

Very cool! I always like seeing photos of an artist's process. I had also wondered about how well the Cintiq works, and it seems to work well. I'm new to your blog, and I love your work!

Eric Orchard said...

Looks amazing! I've started using a Cintiq as well and it really does speed things up. Did you scan in a pencil drawing or are the line drawings done right in Photoshop?

Renata said...

Up until now I used a Wacom Bamboo tablet to color all my books including The Quiet Book and Red Wagon. I find that the Cintiq is more convenient, more comfortable to use, and much faster. But I don't really do anything with it I couldn't do with my old tablet.

I love drawing with pencil on paper, for me, the Cintiq can't match the sensitivity of graphite any more than my old tablet could. So I draw all my work in my sketchbook, scan them, and color in photoshop
- the one drawback to drawing in a sketchbook is no command Z!

Anna said...

What a brilliant idea to show creative process!
I'm eager to see more! and more!

June said...

Thank you for sharing the images of your working process; it is always exciting to see pencil sketches next to final art. And it's nice to know you still enjoy the feel of pencil against paper for the first marks.

bloggerka: niespa said...


for me it is very interesting to see your work in process. I like it like your all books.

Annie said...

Hi Renata: I just discovered your beautiful children's book illustration. And I really enjoy seeing your process. I noticed in this blog that you said you scan your work and then color it in PhotoShop. Where does the Wacom tablet come into play? Does it apply color better than Photoshop? The reason I ask is that I'm illustrating some books for friends and I just do the old fashioned method, ink and paint with brush, then scan into PhotoShop to get them into a page format. It sounds much quicker with a tablet. ?

Renata said...

Glad you like the process, I have some more planned soon.

I wasn't able to find a way to add color to my drawings in a satisfactory way. So I use the wacom tablet with photoshop, it is just a lot more accurate and quicker way to apply the colors for me - and a lot safer!(command Z)
For The Quiet Book I used the most inexpensive model (Bamboo) and it worked great.