Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Finalist for the Governor General's Award !!!

My illustrations for The Quiet Book were named as a finalist for the Governor General's Literary Awards this year from the Canada Council for the Arts!
It's unbelievable, and I am very honoured and humbled to be nominated for this prestigious award. It is a big thing for an artist in Canada and for me.

When I first heard about it a few weeks ago, I received lovely email's from several of the other finalists including Jon Klassen. It was a treat to hear from him because I am a big fan of his work and enjoyed reading the book he was nominated for Cats' Night Out.
Congratulations to Jon, he was chosen as the winner of this years GGs for illustration! I am very happy for him and I don't mind losing out (too much) to his wonderful work.

As for me, I will have to cross my fingers for next year and enter Red Wagon and The Loud Book!

Congrats to all the finalists, it really is an honour to be nominated.

Some Jon Klassen links:
love this VIDEO he designed alongside the director David O'Reilly


M. said...

Congratulations, Renata — I have been a fan of yours for some time!

Lauren Castillo said...

That's incredible Renata, congratulations!!! What an impressive year you've had :-)

Renata said...

Thank you M!

Hi Lauren, I don't know how this happened (but happy it did!)

bloggerka: niespa said...

Renata, congratulations!!! My dauther and I like this book very very much. For me, this book remands me my childhood, beind a child but also as an artist I must say that this book is made for 100% - the cover, paper, letters, animals and the form... True art!

Renata said...

Thank you! I've been lucky with the designer who puts together my books - she's wonderful. And thanks for the lovely post on your blog.

AinaMoraiwe said...