Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On the beach

I just came back from a week at Tofino (Vancouver Island, British Columbia).
It was just what I needed to recharge my battery, I absolutely loved it.
The best part for me were the dogs on the beach, they seemed to be so thrilled by all the open space to run and play.
I could see the joy in their eyes!

The first picture is a great little coffee shop we sketched at a few times, it is called Tofitian. The second is from the beach we stayed on called Cox Bay Beach. It was very inspirational I even wrote a children's book story on the beach.

The trip reminded me of how important it is to experience life so you can draw from it.


Adelaida said...

Wygląda na to, że nie było zbyt ciepło :)

Jak dużo piszesz opowiadań? I może masz jakąś radę dla początkującej?

Mundo Mundaca said...

Me the some time sees your work.. but I still had not seen a picture of you working and I have to say that is so beautiful everything that you do.
A big hugs,

Renata said...

Hi Adelaida,

It was actually pretty warm for Tofino, I think it is always cool and wet.

I don't write that much, I mostly draw, but the pictures always have stories. I write when inspiration strikes or I have finished a book.
When I am able to write, I have been following the old saying "Write what you know." My editor and Mike help me too.


Pisanie nie jest moją najsilniejszą stroną. Często moje notatki są w postaci rysunków. Od czasu do czasu pisze opowiadania o tym co wiem lub o tym co pamiętam z dzieciństwa. Czasami można zaobserwować ciekawe sytuacje.

Renata said...

Hi Yasmin,

I am glad you like the work photos, I will post more soon!

craig warkentin said...

I was looking at your blog (LOVE YOUR WORK BTW!) and saw you drawing on the beach and thought, "that looks like Tofino!" Then I read that it was. I was just on that beach yesterday and am now fantasizing about how to live there forever...