Thursday, April 8, 2010

I can't believe my eyes

I am pretty excited about the reception The Quiet Book has received so far and it isn't actually released until next week.
It has been picked as one of the 'Best of April' books on And even reached #35 in books today (#5 in children's books). Wow!

I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to illustrate this book and enjoyed doing it immensely - I hope readers will enjoy it too!

Best of April


migue said...


Rima said...

I can see why.. this looks to be a beautiful book, and your drawings are just delightful!
Bravo :)

Ian Gent said...


I can promise you that your co-author is just as excited or more so! So is her family - I'm Ian, Deborah's brother in law, and I've been following along reloading the page like crazy!

I'm most amazed that 21 people out of 21 have found my review useful, even though it says explicitly I'm incredibly biased.


Ian Gent said...

P.s. Renata:

See what Deborah said about your illustrations in comment on somebody else's blog:

Renata said...

Thank you Migue and Rima!

And thanks for the link Ian. I was lucky that Deborah's story came my way.
(I admit I may have done a few reloads myself!)

Annie said...

Im so ordering this book! It looks like a gem. Congratulations!

Renata said...

Hi Annie, I hope you enjoy it!