Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Mike and I are working to put together a 'Little Panda' website due to be finished in a few weeks. It will talk about the making of the book as well as pandas in general. I am going to post some of the content here as we finish it.

This is a early draft about the inspiration for the book and a picture.

Inspiration for the Book "Little Panda"

Renata’s interest in Panda’s began not in a mysterious bamboo forest in China, but while staying in a much, much less exotic ‘budget’ hotel (small and kind of scary) in Bonn, Germany. While briefly flicking through the meager late night television offerings she chanced upon a news story featuring video of some men trying to coax a panda from a tree. This scene was followed by a heart warming clip of a mother panda holding her newborn panda cub. The commentary was in German so the story behind the pictures was a mystery.

But the images stuck with her and when she got back home to Canada she searched "panda" on the internet and so it began. The inspiration for this book grew from viewing pandas on the internet. Watching the adventures and misadventures of panda cubs. It was the result of many hours spent studying the behaviors, activities, and daily routines of pandas. Their first step, first taste of bamboo, first tree they climbed, and the first tree they fell from. With this book Renata hopes to give the reader a little taste of the joy she has felt from observing these wonderful animals.

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Benita said...

Looking forward to the book. I wish I knew someone with a little one so I could give it as a gift!