Saturday, May 10, 2008

Panda Cams

One of my favorite things to do is watch pandas! I find them endlessly fascinating. And thanks to the internet and panda cams I can watch them anytime and anywhere.

The National Zoo in Washington DC is easily my favorite panda cam! They have two cameras that carefully follow the panda activities of the mom panda, Mei Xiang, dad panda Tian Tian, and baby panda Tai Shan. Tai is all grown up, but he was my first baby panda and he's a joy to watch.

My second favorite panda cam is in Wolong, China. They have so many little pandas here it's crazy! It reminds me of a panda summer camp. They push, pull, run, wrestle, climb, tumble, and then fall asleep. It's so fun!
(This one is the best in the early evening)

San Diego Zoo has lots of great pandas. There's Gao Gao, sure he's bit funny looking but he's got a big heart! Mother panda Bai Yun watching over her latest bundle of joy - Zhen Zhen. And teenage Su Lin (she's about the same age as Tai - around 2 years old).

The Atlanta Zoo has a good cam which mostly follows their super sweet little panda, Mei Lan and her mother Lun Lun.

This camera in Wolong doesn't have the greatest view but it does have pandas ... If you look closely. They are about as small as ants on the computer screen.

Memphis Zoo has a camera but it doesn't seem to want to work on my Mac.

The Vienna Zoo doesn't have a panda cam but they have a unique baby panda named Fu Long. A white toes panda!

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Paola Zakimi said...

i love these pandas!, funny, i never draw a panda, they are such a cute.
See you!